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Sutro Heights Archeology 2015


#1. On the first day of our field trip, students participated in a scavenger hunt created by the National Park Service (NPS) Archeologists Leo and Peter, who we worked with.  They looked for artifacts that have been in Sutro Heights Park for more than 100 years, using a map and historic photographs.












#2.  We had a gorgeous view of Ocean Beach and the Pacific Ocean from Sutro Heights Park.










#3.  Students and NPS Ranger Benny used the scavenger hunt map and clues to find this statue of Diana that was in a photograph from over 100 years ago!









#4.  On the second day of our field trip, students started to dig units near the Sutro Heights parking lot.  Adolph Sutro's workers lived in this area during the late 1880s-early 1900s.







#5.  Students used archeological tools, including sifters, to search through the soil for artifacts from the late 1800s.









#6.  Students worked hard digging and sifting.  They also had a lot of fun!









#7.  This lion, in front of the Lands End Visitor's Center, is a copy of one that used to "guard" Adolph Sutro's gate at Sutro Heights across the street.








#8.  NPS Rangers and Volunteers worked side-by-side with Ida B. Wells students to find interesting artifacts.








#9.  Students became experts at digging in 10 centimeter increments and searching through the soil for artifacts.  Our students found many artifacts from the late 1800s, including: parts of plates, parts of glass bottles, a large nail or bolt, two parts of shoes, a glass medicine bottle, a bullet, a part of a spoon, and a Japanese coin.



#10.  We ended our 3-day field trip with a walk around the ruins of Sutro Baths, across the street from our dig.  We had an amazing time!  Thank you, National Park Service for this wonderful opportunity!