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Chef Cravens
Chef Cravens

Heat of the Kitchen

Heat of the Kitchen Announces Monday Afternoon Baking Series

Have you enjoyed the Culinary Arts class and want to keep practicing your working skills around food?  On Mondays Chef Julie Wise will join us after school to help students hone in on specific baking skills as you practice your kitchen professionalism.  Please see Chef Cravens this week to sign up.  The workshop series will meet in the cafeteria every Monday for the rest of this quarter, from  1:45 - 3:15. Besides enjoying the fruits of your labor, students will earn afterschool credit and could earn gift cards if they would like to build towards a culminating event or project. Also great for students who are getting ready for job shadow opportunities.  Remember to sign up this week, after school with Chef Cravens in the Cafeteria.

hotk wor cloud.jpg

HotK Word Cloud

Heat Of The Kitchen looks like a Culinary Arts class.  As we cook together in our professionally-themed kitchen, awareness, accomplishment and the power of our inner potential are realized quickly and deliciously.

For our youth, cooking together creates more than what ends up on the plate.  It creates life changing opportunities, whether or not a student wants to be a chef.  Knowing you have attributes like those listed on this word cloud is powerful, lasting long after the dishes are done.

Heat Of The Kitchen is a collaboration, thanks to Buchanan YMCA, DCYF & SFUSD’s Ida B. Wells High School.  Find out more about our job shadow & internship program for youth & our public events at:

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Beat of the Kitchen


Beat of the Kitchen is offering really cool workshops on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 2:00-3:30 pm. Participation is open to all students who have taken Culinary Arts.  This is a great way for anyone interested in working the next Long Table Dinner event on October 11th to get re-aquainted with the ins and outs of working an event and getting job ready. As with all after school programs, you also get graduation credits by participating.

Long table dinner photo.jpg

They did it!


Wow. Am I proud of my students.  They made and served dinner to a very long table of guests on May 3rd in our central hallway.   The experience was absolutely full-on professional.

Many of our students heard how proud everyone was of them too.  Some students were even a little concerned, as if the accolades were based on how they behaved, not what they achieved.

But our success was not based on behavior or manners, it was based on something much stronger.  There is a lot of strength in putting all of your combined efforts together to create true hospitality.   Perhaps schools don’t experience this enough.

Together we can create more than the sum of our parts. We create that “magic” in the room, the reason why many restaurant owners take those huge financial leaps to provide a place where people can go and get fed in so many ways. When your guests have truly enjoyed their experience, it gives you this wonderful feeling, much more than satisfaction. There is a great deal of value to being a part of that kind of group effort and accomplishment.  Thank you everyone involved with our first Long Table Dinner.  More pictures soon, as we look forward to our next one in October!