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Our Mission


Our Mission



Wells High School is an alternative school established to serve students who are age 16 and older who are seeking to complete the high school portion of their education in a setting with smaller classes, an array of credit recovery opportunities, and a supportive 'family-like' learning environment. Our commitment is to foster an environment where all students are actively engaged in rigorous instruction. Being responsive to the specific needs of our students allows us to support them while continuing to push them to think critically. Utilizing complex instruction, structured thinking processes, collaborative learning models, and culturally and linguistically relevant teaching practices, we cultivate joyful learning for all students. 

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)


Upon graduation from high school, all students will be able to:

Think Critically and Creatively

•  Formulate questions and hypotheses

•  Gather, analyze, and synthesize information

•  Draw logical conclusions

•  Apply new skills and knowledge to daily life

•  Solve problems using a variety of methods

Communicate Effectively

•  Receive and express ideas effectively in written and spoken form

•  Resolve conflict through positive means

•  Use a variety of technologies in professional, academic, and personal situations

Act Responsibly

•  Make appropriate, realistic decisions regarding education, career, personal goals, and values

•  Live independently

Be Socially Involved

•  Be aware of and show respect for a diversity of belief systems, cultures, and lifestyles

•  Understand the impact of human actions on social, cultural, and physical environments

•  Contribute positively to civic and community activities