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Flag Football, Week 5


Comebackers launch da rockets to a 1-4 record with overtime win 42-35

New player Ayoub Soumbati takes over as quarterback for the Combackers and leads team to victory.  He tossed 4 TD’s, and had 1 int on defense.  Chris Hollis had 7 rec, and 2 TD’s. Team captain Hakeem had 8 rec and threw one TD. The Comebackers are now tied for 1st place.



missionarys move back into 1st place with win over the hit squad 84-77

Captain Vicente has monster day as he passes for 10 TD’s, 3 int’s, 3 rec, and ran a kickoff for a touchdown. Robert Sonza also had a monster game as he caught 16 passes had 6 TD’s and 3 int’s. Although the Hit Squad came back to make the game interesting, in the end time played a big factor and the Missionary’s won the game to reclaim first place.